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OnePlus 10 Pro: Download Fastboot ROM Firmware


OnePlus 10 Pro Download Fastboot ROM and Firmware Flash File Stock ROM Android 12

You can get the Fastboot ROM and stock firmware for your OnePlus 10 Pro device from this article. The newest member of the OnePlus family comes with a long list of amazing features. A 6.7-inch display with an adjustable refresh rate of 1hz to 120hz, an octa-core Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU, and up to 12GB RAM/256GB storage are capable of outperforming any flagship. However, its OS shell may prove to be its most significant flaw.

While it will come preloaded with Android 12.1 out of the box, it will be built on Oppo's ColorOS rather than the original OxygenOS, so expect a bloated (and iOS clone?) gular basis. However, because it is new to the market, it is difficult to locate its stock firmware file.

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At the time of writing, it hasn't even been posted on the official OnePlus website. However, we were able to obtain a direct server link for the update files, which we will share with you in this guide. We've also converted the payload.bin file to Fastboot ROM, which you may use.

Why Is It Necessary to Download Stock Firmware Manually?

Why is it necessary to manually download Fastboot ROM or stock firmware files for the OnePlus 10 Pro when it already receives the newest OTAs? There might be a variety of reasons why someone would need to manually download and update the firmware on their device. Consider the following scenario:

If you don't have the OTA update but have the update ZIP file, you can either sideload it [on a locked bootloader] or flash it through Fastboot [on an unlocked bootloader].

If you wish to go back to stock after using a custom ROM, you can use Fastboot commands to flash the stock firmware.

Then, if you want to root your device, you'll need to extract the boot.img [and, in certain situations, vendor boot and vbmeta] from the vanilla firmware, patch it with Magisk and flash it.

There might be a host of additional reasons why you might need to download the stock firmware/Fastboot ROMs for your device; these are just a few of them. On that topic, let's address the elephant in the room by describing the differences between the standard firmware and the Fastboot ROM for this device.

What is the difference between a stock ROM and a custom ROM?

This article is for you if you have difficulties like screen freezing, touch unresponsiveness, camera error, app loading time lag, and so on. Your OnePlus 10 Pro may also become bricked or locked in a boot loop. Installing the Stock ROM on the phone will restore everything to its original state. Meanwhile, you may upgrade the system software or install the fresh Stock Firmware on the OnePlus 10 Pro.

Google's Android operating system is built on open-source software and runs on Linux. Advanced users and developers may utilize its adjustable features to install Custom ROMs, Kernels, Mod files, and more. However, things don't always go as planned, and you may encounter faults, in terms of stability or performance.

Why Do You Need OnePlus 10 Pro Firmware Flash Files?

You have the ability to repair your brick. Flash File for the OnePlus 10 Pro.

This resolves the boot issue as well as the issue of instability.

To change the size of the OnePlus 10 Pro Flash File Firmware.

You can also remove viruses and bypass the screen lock.

To solve lags on your Android smartphone caused by bugs.

Your device's root can be removed. [Unroot]

After using a modified ROM, you may restore the stock ROM.

This software update fixes issues with WiFi, Bluetooth, and other features.

On your OnePlus 10 Pro Flash File Firmware, you can cure a soft brick problem.

You may also install Google apps.

Pre-Requisites for the OnePlus 10 Pro Firmware Flash File

Supported Devices: OnePlus 10 Pro Flash File Firmware

Make sure your device is charged to at least 50%.

A USB cable and a PC or laptop are required.

Download your Android phone's entire backup.

Drivers, Flash Tools, and USB Drivers are all available for download.

How To Update The OnePlus 10 Pro Firmware Via OTA

* This firmware only works with the OnePlus 10 Pro model. Other gadgets will not work with this.

* A PC or Windows laptop is required, as well as a USB cord.

* Make sure you download and install the newest USB Oneplus drivers on your Windows and Mac computers.

* Download and install the ADB Fastboot Tool on your computer.

* Make sure your smartphone is at least 60% charged before installing the update.

* Download a complete backup of your mobile data without having to root your device.

* By clicking the link above, you can get the OTA firmware zip file.

* Use local upgrades by going to Settings> UPDATED system on the Gear symbol.

* Select the firmware file you already downloaded.

* A pop-up window will display, requesting that you enhance your device. It should be tapped. Now is the time to increase.

* After that, the device will reboot and flash the OTA file using stock recovery.

* The gadget will switch to the latest operating system on its own.

* After that, switch off your phone. Hold the button down for a few seconds. To enter recovery mode, hold down the volume down + power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

* Everything is gone if you go to Cure cache and pick data.

* When it's finished. Restart your computer.

* You've done it. Enjoy!

The OnePlus 10 Pro: How To Flash It Using the Flash Tool to Create a Flash File

* On your computer, download and extract the OnePlus 10 Pro Flash File.

* Start the flash program.

* Double-click the MSM download tool in the icon you see and enter your login credentials.

* On your computer, his software will start. To begin, click here. It will then run a memory test on your computer.

* Please switch off your phone and connect it to your computer by pushing the volume down and volume up buttons simultaneously.

* This will lead to dazzling success.

* The following database offers Oppo firmware information for all tiers of operator models from throughout the world. You may get firmware files for free using our download option.

* Choose the proper model and follow the on-screen instructions to download all of the necessary files.

* Take advantage of the most recent version of the official Oppo software.

* The download link is secure and reliable.

* When you download the Oppo firmware, you can be certain that you are getting the most up-to-date and trustworthy version.

* The procedure for selecting a firmware file is simple and quick.

What Is The Best Way To Back Up Your Important Data?

Connect your mobile device to a PC or laptop successfully at first. MTP [media transfer protocol] is now an option. Then copy and save your device's information.

✹ Download

Flash Tool: 

    - MSM Download tool

    - QFlash Tool

* Drivers : 

    - Qualcomm USB Drivers

    -OnePlus USB Drivers

Download Stock Firmware OnePlus 10 Pro 

✹ File Name: NE2215export_11_A.10_2022022602520435-Global, IN

✹ Size: 4.8 GB

✹ OS: Android 12.0

✹ File Name: NE2213GDPR_11_A.10_2022022602530000-Europe

✹ Size: 4.64 GB

✹ OS: Android 12.0

✹ File Name: NE2217export_11_A.03_2022022203350354-T-Mobile

✹ Size: 4.33 GB

✹ OS: Android 12.0

✹ File Name: NE2210domestic_11_A.12_2022030701060000-China

✹ Size: 6.27 GB

✹ OS: Android 12.0

✹ File Name: OnePlus_10_Pro_ColorOS_12.1_A.09 -Fastboot Rom

✹ Size: 4.33 GB

✹ OS: Android 12.0

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