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iRemoval PRO Checkra1n Windows (No Need USB, MAC)


iRemoval PRO Checkra1n Windows (No Need USB, MAC)

heckra1n Windows iRemoval PRO is overjoyed to offer their most ambitious project for the year 2022 with you! iRemoval PRO has finally delivered on the demands of thousands of customers after a three-year wait...

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Yes! It is now 100% viable to jailbreak from a Windows PC! Our main developer @ifpdz successfully converted Checkra1n to Windows, and it now works on A8/A9/A10/A10X/A11 devices! (A7/A9X/T2 to be released shortly)

This is wonderful news! Finally, the wait is over... Let me now show you how to use iRemoval PRO v5.0.

Features iRemoval PRO:

Bypass lock screen activation iCloud 

Remove carrier lock

Unlock and disable Pincode iPhone and iPad

IOS phone MDM lock bypass

Bypassing the Mac activation lock screen

Bypassing the iCloud system lock code on a Mac

Unlock password EFI firmware 

Find my mac removal

Permanently remove the open menu

Supported Models iPhone SE ,iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and 6S+, iPhone 7 and 7+, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and, iPad Air (1,2), iPad Mini (2, 3, 4) iPad Pro. iPad (4, 5, 6 generation).

Features of iRemoval PRO v5.0 include:

New and improved graphical user interface that is easy to use!

The new QR Code payment system is now available!

A new super-fast bypass technique has been developed! (15 moments) Checker for devices has been updated!

A brand-new advertising system is now available! (Contact @ifpdz to get your own ad featured.)

Only the app contains the world's first Windows jailbreak (iRemovalRa1n)!

Features of iRemovalRa1n include:

The first iOS 12 through 14.8.1 jailbreak for Windows has been released.

A7/A8X/A9X/T2 A7/A8X/A9X/T2 A7/A8X/A9X/T2 A7/A8X/A9X/T2 A7/A8X/A9X/T2 A7/A8X/A9X/T2 A7/A8X/A9X/T2 A7/A8X/A9X/T2 A7/A8X/A9 (soon)

Everyone is invited!

System requirements for Windows 8/8.1/10 (32 or 64 bit) (Windows 10 recommended).

Windows 11 compatibility will be included in the upcoming release!

The next version will provide compatibility for Apple iOS 15.4.1, iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4.

Windows Defender or any other antivirus must be deactivated due to software obfuscation! If you need help with iRemoval PRO or iRemovalRa1n, please contact ONLY @ifpdz or @gdtyt for help.

What Is The Best Way To Use iRemoval PRO?

Restore your iPhone or iPad with iTunes or 3u tools.

You may jailbreak your iPhone or iPad with iRemoval PRO v5.0 for Windows.

Contact us or ask your local dealer for an iRemove Tool Order Serial Number.

You'll be given a serial number once you've registered. Launch iRemove Tool on your Mac or Hackintosh.

Ensure that all of your devices are linked to the Hello screen.

By hitting the start button, you may begin bypassing.

Successfully circumvent the network on meid devices.

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