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Download KingRoot 2022! Android One Click Root Latest APK


Download KingRoot Android One Click Root  Latest 2022 (All Versions) APK

As long as you have a suitable device supported by the newest KingRoot software, the KingRoot apk, which is a one-click root program, once downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone, it will help you root it in minutes. This task does not need the use of a computer or PC.

It's named one-click root for a reason: all you have to do is press a button, and KingRoot will connect to its servers and perform its magic, installing a superuser and assisting you in gaining root access. After that, you should be able to make system changes and install root-compatible programs.

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Despite the fact that the app is compatible with hundreds of thousands of Android smartphones and tablets, KingRoot does not operate with all of them. Because some manufacturers have a protected bootloader, you'll need a computer to flash third-party recovery, and you'll need an in-depth understanding of rooting to do so because it's a complex process that can get you into trouble.

That being said, if you want to root your Android without using a computer and don't want to use a third-party software, KingRoot is your best choice! Did I mention that rooting your device may void your warranty? As a result, it's a good idea to double-check with your phone's maker before proceeding.

For those who don't know, the program has grown in popularity and is currently one of the most downloaded one-click root apps for Android smartphones, all within six years of its initial release. As a result, it is a well-known Android rooting program.

Once you've rooted your Android smartphone using KingRoot, you'll be able to Unlock Bootloader its real potential and perform system adjustments that will eventually let you discover its true power. With root and correct app access, you may remove carrier-installed applications as well as pre-installed system apps, disable system-wide advertisements, flash custom ROMs, and generate a full backup of your device.

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How can I get KingRoot APK and install it?

We'll walk you through the process of downloading, installing, and setting up the app on your Android smartphone or tablet in this section. This is excellent instruction for any Android user, especially newcomers.

The KingRoot apk download and installation process is simple and straightforward. The instruction is meant to make things simple and straightforward for you to acquire the software, no matter how informed you are about Android and the apk installation procedure.

Note: To sideload/install the apk on your device, you may need to authorize the installation of applications from unknown sources in the Android security menu.

It's vital to remember that this is a free version of KingRoot, so make sure you've deleted any previous versions from your device first; otherwise, the program won't install and may display an error.

  1. From the download section at the beginning of this page, get the KingRoot apk file.

  2. Because the package is zipped, you'll need to extract the apk from the zip file with any file manager.

  3. To install the app, tap the apk you just unzipped and follow the onscreen instructions.

Launch the app from the app drawer once it's been installed. You may now grant the app access and let it locate a suitable vulnerability for your device's model and version.

What Makes KingRoot the Most Effective One-Click Rooting App?

KingRoot is one of the greatest one-click root programs for Android smartphones because of its comprehensive features and exceptional powers. And this is what we're going to talk about:

KingRoot's rooting procedure is so smooth and quick that it just takes a minute from the time you install it on your smartphone to fully get root access, which includes the process of detecting your phone and locating the suitable exploit.

Great Compatibility - KingRoot is compatible with hundreds of thousands of Android phones and tablets from a variety of manufacturers, so you don't have to worry about compatibility concerns.

One-Click Root — If your device is compatible, all KingRoot needs is a single tap on the screen to acquire root access. That is all there is to it. The rest of the procedure is totally automated and requires no interaction on your part, and you will receive root access at the end.

No need for a computer — Unlike other one-click root programs for Android, KingRoot does not require you to have a computer, nor does it ask you to connect your smartphone to one. The software handles everything immediately on your Android phone or tablet.

The Advantages of Using KingRoot to Root Your Android Device

Do you know that, aside from KingRoot's incredible ability to root your Android smartphone with only one click, there are a slew of other advantages to rooting your device using this app?

Below are some of the most significant features and perks that will help you get the most out of your smartphone or tablet device while also unleashing its full potential.

Get rid of the bloatware

Bloatware are programs that are preloaded on your Android smartphone or tablet device by the phone manufacturer or cellular operator to give additional support and services, but you are not permitted to delete them since they are installed as a system app, even if you don't use them.

Once you've rooted your smartphone with KingRoot, you may quickly uninstall them by giving root access to any complex file management program like FX File Explorer.

Battery life is important.

Smartphones these days are quite competent, with super-fast CPUs and GPUs that may quickly drain a lot of battery life if a resource-intensive program is running in the background. Although the Android OS improves in intelligence and efficiency with each version, the quality of third-party apps makes a significant difference in achieving full efficiency.

You may download and install energy-saving and optimization applications with root access, which can help you optimize your phone's battery use and make it last longer on a single charge given granted rights.


Who enjoys commercials? They are bothersome and have an impact on the app's usage since they grow invasive over time. Especially the middle-of-the-screen popup advertising that occur when using the app.

However, root access grants you administrative privileges, allowing you to download and install some of the most advanced ad-blocking apps and use their advanced features to block ads on your device. Advertising, including pop-up ads, maybe disabled not just in the browser and on websites, but also in applications.

Increase your speed and performance.

Installing third-party phone and memory optimization applications that can then take care of the apps operating in the background can enhance the speed and performance of your Android smartphone. You can even have it give you a notification if it detects any resource-hungry apps running in the background that are consuming excessive resources. Even if it's a system application.

There are optimization programs that, once allowed root access, may let you not only uninstall but also temporarily freeze an app when you are not using it, preventing it from running in the background. This allows you to reclaim important system resources like RAM.

Boost Your Performance

Android devices, like any other smart device that allows user interaction, become sluggish over a period of time as we continue to install and delete applications on a regular basis, and non-optimized and badly designed apps leave traces on your device even after deleting.

These footprints must be cleaned on a regular basis, as well as the occasional maintenance when you must clear out the internal storage and provide enough free space for the operating system to store cached data, which is the most common cause of sluggishness.

Rooting your Android smartphone and then utilizing a well-designed maintenance tool can help you restore device efficiency by locating applications and files that you have never used but still have on your device, as well as reclaim wasted storage space.

Improved Customization

One of the advantages of owning a phone that runs the Android operating system is the ability to customize and personalize the software internals of your device. You can quickly adjust the theme, icons, wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, and even set up a screensaver on a non-rooted Android smartphone (only if your device supports that).

However, there are some restrictions and features that you can't change since they're restricted and require administrator authority to open and change. And the easiest approach to gain administrative access is to utilize KingRoot to root your Android smartphone and then use third-party apps to customize the user interface, including animations, which was previously impossible. This might assist you in achieving a whole different appearance.

Custom ROMs can be flashed

Do you know that, just like your PC, Android enables you to install several versions of Windows and Linux operating systems? Android also allows you to install ROMs, which are customized and improved versions of the operating system. Every Android smartphone has the capability, but you must be able to use it.

After you've unlocked the bootloader, you'll be able to flash custom ROMs and recovery images. Apart from the improved Android OS, these two can help you unleash the entire potential of your handset, including the ability to overclock it and add new functions. This will revitalize your phone and provide you with a whole new experience.

Using a Custom Kernel

The custom kernel is a powerful feature of any Android smartphone since it allows you to acquire root access to the hardware, allowing you to tweak functions such as speaker volume, microphone intensity, CPU frequency, battery charging voltage, and clock speed. That is how strong it is.

Root access, an unlocked bootloader, and custom recovery are all required to install and flash a modified kernel. Then and only then will you be able to flash a modified kernel on your Android smartphone. It's also crucial to select a kernel that works with your Android device, as most of them aren't universal.

Roots Are Simple To Remove

In certain situations, rooting is supposed to violate the device's warranty; however, if you've followed the required instructions and chosen the correct root technique for your specific Android model and version, you'll be able to determine if the root is totally reversible or not.

Samsung smartphones, for example, include Knox, a security feature that protects bank accounts, fingerprints, and other sensitive data from unauthorized access. If you root your device, Knox will be tripped, and the security features that rely on it will cease operating, making it impossible to protect your account and personal data.

So, in order to properly remove the root, you'll need to do some research on your end for your Android device's version and see if restoring your smartphone to its original state is feasible, and if so, what steps you'll need to do. It's crucial to be informed of the removal technique in case you need it.

What is KingRoot One-Click Root and how does it work?

To locate the best rooting exploit for your device and Android platform, KingRoot uses the cloud and active Internet access. When the exploit is discovered, the software will attempt to root your device automatically.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions, and your smartphone will be fully rooted and you will have total root access to the Android system in a matter of minutes.

This is precisely what distinguishes KingRoot as the best rooting solution for any Android smartphone. It will allow you to acquire root access in a few simple steps. The program is meant to restrict the number of options to a bare minimum, allowing anyone to root Android with only a few clicks.

Even if rooting fails, KingRoot's one-click root program is fully free and safe to use on supported Android devices, since it will not cause any harm or difficulties to your device.

If you're new to Android rooting and don't know how to use the app or think it's too dangerous to use on your device, don't worry; we've already written an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial on how to root an Android device with KingRoot. To be honest, rooting Android is quite simple and straightforward, and the entire procedure should take no more than five minutes.

When it comes to compatibility, it has been thoroughly tested and found to work with Android handsets from a variety of manufacturers, including LG, Samsung, Oppo, Redmi, Motorola, and Nexus, running Android versions ranging from 2.2 Froyo to the latest Android OS.

As a result, you can root hundreds of thousands of Android phones and tablets with a single click.

Android Compatibility List by KingRoot

The KingRoot is a universal Android rooting program that will allow you to root any phone or tablet running any of the following Android OS versions with only one click. However, certain phone manufacturers have protected boot enabled, making root access with KingRoot impossible.

Android 2.2 Froyo

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android 4.4 KitKat

Lollipop (Android 5.0),

Marshmallow (Android 6.0) 

 Android 7.0 Nougat models.

Android 8.0 Oreo

Android 9.0 Pie

Android 10.0

Android 11.0

Android 12.0

The KingRoot program can root almost all Android smartphones running Android OS version 4.0 or above. So, even if other framaroot one-click root programs fail to give you root access on your Android device, KingRoot is more likely to root your phone or tablet.

However, as previously said, we strongly advise you to conduct a study before pressing the KingRoot app's get root access button. If you need further assistance, please leave a remark below and one of our staff members will gladly assist you. 

Download KingRoot Latest APK:

Name App: KingRoot

 Developer: KingRoot

 File Size: 12.60 MB

 Latest Version App : 5.4.0

 Safety: Safe

 Playstore: Not available on Play store


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