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Windows 11 Insider Preview 22579 brings new Start Menu feature


Windows 11 Insider Preview 22579 brings a new Start Menu feature

Microsoft is working hard to improve Windows 11, and in order to keep up the excellent work, the company has launched a new Insider Preview of Windows 11. Windows 11 Insider Preview 22579 is the most recent version of the computer operating system. BitLocker upgrades, new Start Menu features, new ISOs, enhancements, and more are included in the latest release. To learn more about the Windows 11 Insider Preview 22579 upgrade, continue reading.

Users who choose the dev channel in the Windows Insider Program may now download the Windows 11 Insider Preview 22579.1000 (pre-release) build. If you're using the dev build, you may get it for free.

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Moving on to the adjustments, Microsoft has included BitLocker enhancements in the latest Windows 11 release, which allow administrators to block users from encrypting specified storage types, particularly portable storage, using BitLocker and Device Encryption.

The ability to name folders in the Start Menu is the second major feature in the 22579 release. Yes, if you've established an app folder under Start, you may now name it by touching the folder and typing in the text inside the enter text input box.

Multi-finger gesture support with responsive and lovely animations, pinned site suggestions in the Get Started app, a revised symbol for Run New Task, a new Fluent icon-style for Magnifier and on-screen keyboard, and more are all included in the update.

The full changelog for the new Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22579 can be found here.

Changes and Improvements in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22579


 * As several Insiders have observed, we've also modified our Print Queue experience so that win32 apps that utilize CPrintDialog to display the print dialog now display our contemporary print dialog. Furthermore, the current print dialog automatically detects local network printers. You won't have to go into Settings to install a new printer if you pick one. Please leave comments in the Feedback Hub under Devices & Drivers > Print about your printing experiences.

* We're returning to the former look of the Open With dialog box, which began rolling out with Build 22567. After we fix certain performance issues noted by Windows Insiders, we aim to bring the feature back in the future. Thank you for your suggestions!

* We're changing the WIN + X menu to redirect to Windows PowerShell so that users may still easily access the console if Windows Terminal is removed. If you have Windows Terminal installed and want Windows PowerShell to launch in it, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > For Developers and make Windows Terminal your preferred terminal program.

* New Fluent-style icons have been added to Magnifier and the on-screen keyboard.

Start Menu

* In the start menu, you may now name your app folders. Simply create a folder (which will have the default name "Folder"), open it, select "Change Name," and give the folder a name. Alternatively, open a folder with keyboard focus, then choose a text field and begin typing.

App to Get You Started

* To make it easier to pin websites to your taskbar, we've included pinned site suggestions to the Get Started app. Launch the Get Started app and go to the "Apps and sites we think you'll like" tab to find this new function. Any of the sites mentioned on the page may be pinned to your taskbar, allowing you to access them with a single click. Please provide comments at Apps > Get Started > Feedback Hub (WIN + F).


* Try swiping left and right with three fingers to switch between recently used windows, as part of our work to enhance multi-finger touch gestures to incorporate snappy and pleasant animations that follow your finger.

Manager of Tasks

* The Run New Task button is now available on all pages of Task Manager, thanks to user input.

* The icon for Run New Task has been updated.


Emojis that may be customized (such as the family emoji) now get a little accent-colored dot in the bottom corner of their entry in the emoji panel to aid with discoverability.

The Keyboard Layout area of Quick Settings has been removed.

Windows 11  Build 22579 Insider Preview – Fixes


* In the previous flight, an issue caused Gaming Services to stop working, resulting in problems starting and installing several games.

* Fixed a few high-impact explorer.exe issues that were affecting recent flights while using Windows in general.

* Windows Insiders who attempted to upgrade directly from Windows 10 to recent Windows 11 Dev Channel versions encountered an issue.

Taskbar that is suited for tablets

* It's no longer necessary to swipe twice from the tablet-optimized taskbar to see Start or Quick Settings; they will appear with a sustained slide upwards after the taskbar is completely enlarged.

* If an external monitor was attached, using the swipe gesture to activate the Start menu might cause it to appear on the wrong screen.

* The tablet-optimized taskbar will no longer be obstructed by notifications.

* Fixed an issue where the Desktops area might not render entirely while using Task View.

* The ability to launch a new instance of an app by middle clicking on its icon should now be restored.

Start Menu

* Fixed an issue where animations were still visible in Start's folders even when animation effects were turned off.

* After restarting explorer.exe, a problem that caused Start's pinned and folder layouts to be reset to default was fixed.

* When altering the Start menu, an underlying issue that resulted in a translucent line down the side of the screen was fixed.


* Focus periods exceeding 30 minutes launched from the Notification Center will now have the same breaks as sessions started via the Clock app.

* If Do not disturb is switched on before beginning a focus session, quitting the focus session will not turn it off.

* If you start a concentration session, it won't be reset if you log out or reboot right now.

* When you stop a focus session below the calendar, your keyboard focus will abruptly jump to the top of Notification Center.

* Fixed an issue that prevented you from adding applications to the Notifications > Set Priority Notifications section of Settings > System > Notifications.


* Fixed an issue where searching for the furious face emoji in Turkish using the term angry (kzgn) didn't work. Please keep providing feedback on the emoji search results in the Feedback Hub's Input and Language > Emoji Panel!

* When the focus was set to the UAC dialog, the Japanese IME would transition to Katakana mode without warning.

* Recently, we fixed a problem where if you deleted a third-party IME from a language in Settings > Time & Language > Language & Region but didn't uninstall it, the IME would still appear in the input switcher.

* In recent flights, we fixed an issue that caused the mouse to become invisible in fields of some apps, as well as certain unexpected cursor-related program crashes.

* The motion for bringing in the Notification Center from the side of the screen wasn't functioning for Arabic and Hebrew display languages, thus it was fixed.


The chevron in the header at the top of Network & Internet was reversed for Arabic and Hebrew display languages, which was fixed.


* The backdrop of ALT + Tab will no longer be translucent if transparency is turned off in Settings > Personalization > Colors.

* The dismiss motion for snap layouts will now appear more consistently if you move a window to the top of the screen and then drag it back down.

* Fixed an animation problem when using snap layouts at the top of the screen with a little tweak.

* When moving some windows over snap layouts at the top of the screen, and explorer.exe crash occurred.

* When Task View was called when snap assist was displayed on a screen, it appeared unresponsive.

* I worked on fixing an issue where ALT + Tab may get stuck open if you used a very rapid motion on your touchpad to initiate it.

* When an app switches into and out of full-screen mode, an explorer.exe crash might occur.


* In the previous few versions, we fixed an issue that caused cellular connections to fail on some devices.

* In the prior flight, there was a problem that caused Wi-Fi speed to degrade.


Fixed an issue where the voice access banner was blocking the top row of desktop icons or the top of full-screen programs.

Captioning in Real-Time

Live captions

* Live captions are now visible on all of your desktops.

* If the live captions window was forced to float, the "floating on-screen" window location will now display as selected in the settings flyout (for example when using a full-screen app).

* The live captions window's maximum height is now limited to 40% of the monitor's height.

* When a max height live captions window is shrunk, live captions will no longer crash.

* Live captions will no longer crash if you switch to mono audio.


When navigating with Shift + Tab, a problem with how Narrator readout collapsed parts was fixed under Settings > Accessibility > Narrator.

Manager of Tasks

* A few high-impact Task Manager crashes have been fixed.

* When you started typing while focused on the Details page, the attention would stop moving through the processes list after the first letter.

* The Task Manager title bar will now be hidden while you're viewing the Performance page in the Summary view.


* When using your hardware keys, the % on the volume flyout will now be consistently centered in the design.

* When navigating through and closing the accessibility choices on the Lock screen, improved keyboard focus and navigation.

If you've chosen the developer channel in the Insider Preview Program and are running Windows 11, you'll get the prerelease build, as previously stated. To check for updates, go to Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates. You may get the update by simply downloading it to your computer.

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