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Motorola Moto G22 XT2231-1, XT2231-2 Flash File Firmware

Download and Install Motorola Moto G22 XT2231-1, XT2231-2 Flash File Firmware official stock ROM

We've included a download link and instructions for installing the Motorola XT2231-1, XT2231-2 (Moto G22) firmware flash file using the fastboot technique on this website. All stock firmware zip files for Motorola G22 XT2231-1, XT2231-2 are available here for all supported regions.

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This method is for you if you wish to restore the device to its original factory firmware. You may use this method to address software-related issues like hard brick, soft brick, WiFi, or Bluetooth difficulties, correct lag or stutter, and even downgrade the device at any time.

What is Firmware, and how does it work?

Firmware is a type of operating system that allows you to use your smartphone. Meanwhile, it includes all of the UI/UX as well as another key feature. It was most likely utilized to run your device with hardware—furthermore, the Firmware for mobile, also known as Flash ROM, is installed on your device memory. The software of the phone is referred to as a Rom in this situation. It's nothing more than a computer operating system. Custom ROMs can be installed by the phone's users.

A Stock ROM/Firmware is a piece of official software created by the manufacturer for a certain device. The hardware manufacturer does not make any visual or functional changes to the code in a Truly Stock ROM. The "stock ROM" is pre-installed on the phone or tablet by the manufacturer at the time of purchase. A stock ROM is one that does not go through the same alterations as a custom ROM.

What are the benefits of using stock firmware?

* It will assist you in resolving the Bootloop issue and unbricking your device.

* It upgrades your device's software to the most recent version available and even allows you to downgrade your Motorola G22 XT2231-1, XT2231-2.

* If we get back to stock, you'll get your warranty back.

* On General Mobile, fix the software bug, stuttering, and delays.


* Only the Motorola G22 XT2231-1, XT2231-2 model is supported by this ROM.

* Make sure your gadget is charged to at least 50% of its capacity.

* A PC or Laptop with a USB Data Cable is required.

* For safety reasons, we always advise our readers to make a comprehensive data backup of their devices.

* Install the Motorola USB Drivers, as well as the Motorola Rescue and Smart Assistant Tool, on your computer.

* To flash your device, you'll need to get the ADB and Fastboot tools.

Installation Instructions for Firmware Motorola Moto G22 XT2231-1, XT2231-2:

For the Motorola G22 XT2231-1, XT2231-2, see the firmware flashing procedure below. First, make sure you have the adb and fastboot tools installed or extracted on your computer. Now, on your smartphone, enter the bootloader.

Step 1: Switch to Bootloader Mode

Boot your phone into bootloader mode. To begin, switch off your phone. After your smartphone has been completely shut off, push and hold the volume down to switch it back on. The bootloader screen should appear.

Step 2: Connect Your Device to Your Computer

Connect your Motorola G22 to the PC via the USB cable after it has been booted into bootloader mode.

Step 3: Get the Stock ROM or Firmware:

You may utilize the LMSA or Rescue and Smart Assistant Tool to retrieve the complete ROM. Download the zip file and save it to your computer. The LMSA program will unzip the file and delete the downloaded zip file.

✹ Download

ADB and Fastboot tool

Motorola USB Drivers

Rescue and Smart Assistant Tool 

Download Stock Firmware Motorola Moto G22 XT2231-1, XT2231-2:

✹ File Name: ‪RSTA32.79-13-2

✹ Model: XT2231-2

✹ Size: 4.0 GB

✹ OS: Android 12

✹ File Name: ‪RSTA32.79-13-2

✹ Model: XT2231-1

✹ Size: 4.0 GB

✹ OS: Android 12

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