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Galaxy M20 (SM-M205) Flash File Firmware (Unbrick/Repair)


How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy M20 (SM-M205) using Flash File stock firmware

While installing modified firmware and third-party apps, users finally brick their smartphones. Or, on rare occasions, the Android firmware fails for no apparent reason. Whatever the reason, you should be aware of one thing: the remedy. We can troubleshoot the problem till it's determined that it's caused by the firmware. We'll use the Odin flashing program to flash the official stock firmware, which will unbrick your phone and restore the original firmware and default settings.

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You must, however, be assured of one point. This step will erase the internal memory of your phone and install a new copy of the official firmware. As a result, everything in your phone's memory will be destroyed, and there will be no way to restore it. As a result, you should exercise caution before going.

The Smart Switch application is installed on almost every Samsung phone. Most of our data, music, films, images, and contacts may be synced to other devices with this software. There are several advantages of flashing the factory firmware on the Samsung Galaxy M20. You can take this move if you've been having a lot of trouble or if you've managed to completely brick your phone. The original OS aspects that calibrate performance and stability will be restored by flashing the stock firmware.

Most significantly, if you've been running custom firmware, you can restore it using the official firmware. Users that switch between modified firmware regularly are more likely to utilize the stock firmware. This way, they'll be able to quickly troubleshoot the phone if anything goes wrong.

If you're seeking that, stay reading this article; we'll show you how to use official stock firmware to unbrick your Galaxy M20 SM-M205. We'll use the Odin flashing application to flash the stock firmware. This tool is reported to have been developed by Samsung (but there is no official confirmation). It's one of the most useful features available to Samsung smartphone owners.

Official firmware, custom recovery images, and upgrades may all be flashed with this utility. If you ever want to manually update the firmware on your phone, you'll need to utilize this tool. This program is compatible with the Windows operating system. All third-party apps, custom firmware, and customizations will be removed if you proceed with this operation.

Prerequisites Firmware Samsung Galaxy M20 (SM-M205) :

 This article is dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy M20 and its variants. This technique should not be attempted with a different smartphone.

  Your phone may be hard-bricked as a result of this.

 Before beginning, a general backup is strongly advised. Flashing standard firmware completely wipes the internal memory, and there's no way to undo it. 

 So, if there's an opportunity to back up, you should take advantage of it.

 All third-party applications, firmware, and customizations are removed throughout this operation. It also disables root access.

 You'll need a Windows-based PC or laptop to use the Odin flashing application.

 An original USB cable for your phone is required for connecting.

 Finally, you'll need to download and install the Samsung USB Drivers on your phone. Otherwise, your phone may not be detected by the Odin. The drivers may be downloaded and installed on your machine by going to –here.

That's all there is to it when it comes to the criteria. We may now proceed to flash the Samsung Galaxy M20's stock firmware. This resolves all firmware-related problems.

However, if there is a hardware issue, it will not work. As a result, you must solve the issue. To flash stock firmware on your phone, simply follow the steps below.

How to use stock firmware to fix a bricked Samsung Galaxy M20

 To begin, you must first obtain the Samsung Galaxy M20's original stock firmware.

 Using the model number of your phone, locate the right firmware and download it to your computer.

 Then, to retrieve the.md5 firmware file, extract the package.

 Following that, get the Odin flashing tool. Run the Odin software after extracting it. 

 After that, press the power button to switch off your phone.

 Then, using this guide, boot into Download Mode.

 Connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable now. 

 The Odin program will detect your phone automatically, and the ID: COM section will become blue or green. If nothing happens, you'll need to reinstall the USB drivers and give it another shot.

 You may now proceed to install the firmware file. Simply press the 'AP' button on the Odin program, then go to the firmware file (.md5) that you already extracted.

 To begin the installation procedure, press the 'Start' button.

⬤ Once the flashing procedure is finished, remove your phone.

Download Samsung Galaxy M20 (SM-M205) Firmware Flash File:

Information Firmware 

Model :        SM-M205F

Name File : M205FDDU1ASA4_M205FODM1ASA4_INS_8.1

Version OS : Android 8.1

Binary :         U1

CSC :         M205FODM1ASA4

PDA :        M205FDDU1ASA4

Size File File : 2.9 GB

Information Firmware 

Model :        SM-M205FN

Name File : M205FNXXU1ASA9_M205FNOXM1ASA9_DBT_8.1

Version OS : Android 8.1

Binary :         U1

CSC :         M205FNOXM1ASA9

PDA :        M205FNXXU1ASA9

Size File File : 2.9 GB

Information Firmware 

Model :        SM-M205G

Name File : M205GDXS2BSH2_M205GOLM2BSH2_XEV_9.0

Version OS : Android 9.0

Binary :         S2

CSC :         M205GOLM2BSH2

PDA :        M205GDXS2BSH2

Size File File : 2.9 GB

Information Firmware 

Model :        SM-M205M

Name File : M205MUBU1ASB7_M205MOWO1ASB7_MXO_8.1

Version OS : Android 8.1

Binary :         U1

CSC :         M205MOWO1ASB

PDA :        M205MUBU1ASB7

Size File File : 2.9 GB

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