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How to Fix Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching Glitch as PMC


How to Fix Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching bug Glitch as PMC

Players in Escape from Tarkov are having to wait an inordinate length of time to join a raid, yet even waiting does not guarantee a match. Some players have stated that they have waited over 50 minutes for the game to locate a match or enable them to join a raid. The player is trapped on the main screen, waiting for the game to locate a match. The problem appears to impact both the SCAV and PMC classes, however the Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching appears to be more prevalent with the PMC class. If you've run into the Escape from Tarkov infinite matching bug, keep reading because we'll explain all you need to know about the problem and how to fix it.

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As PMC, fix Tarkov's Escape from Stuck in Matching Glitch.

As a general guideline, if your match duration exceeds 10 minutes, something is amiss and you should not wait any longer. You may have experienced the Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching bug if the game fails to discover the match within the first 10 minutes. The first step should be to leave the game and restart it.

While it's conceivable that the game is flawed, the timing of the problem might point to a variety of explanations. In most cases, consumers must endure a lengthy wait period following a recent update or clean. Reports of EFT endless matchmaking exploded after the upgrade last month, and the only plausible explanation is that the servers are overwhelmed with returning users. The servers are at capacity, which is causing matching issues, but we don't believe BSG will boost server capacity for seasonal gamers. These players would leave within a few weeks of the upgrade, and the servers would resume normal operation.

The matchmaking problem can arise if the matchmaking is faulty, however this is extremely unlikely and should not be the case right now. In any event, the problem is on the server's end, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Finally, when there aren't enough players, the Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching can happen. The game is unable to initiate a raid for you because it is unable to find the requisite number of players.

Most of the time, the problem with matching appears to impact PMC, but if you switch to SCAV, you should be able to join a game in seconds. There is a workaround that is being discussed on the internet. Hopefully, it proves useful in resolving the game's issue.

How to Fix Tarkov's Escape from Matching Glitch as PMC

To resolve the EFT endless matchmaking issue, we recommend restarting the game and attempting to join again. For many gamers, the problem is a simple glitch that can be resolved by restarting the game. If it doesn't work, start the game and join as SCAV, but before the game loads, exit and pick PMC.

We hope the above solution is useful, but it will only work if the game is broken. However, if the Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching issue is caused by too many or too few players, there is little you can do but wait for the problem to go away on its own.

In most cases, and as in the past, the matching issue resolves itself after a few weeks of the upgrade. As a result, don't put too much pressure on yourself. The problem will be resolved in due time.

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