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Analysts corroborate rumors that upcoming MacBook Pro will ditch the Touch Bar


Analysts corroborate rumors that upcoming MacBook Pro will ditch the Touch Bar

Apple is slated to release an all-new MacBook Pro family this summer, complete with updated Apple Silicon processors, a fresh design, and other features. Another speculated change is that Apple would ditch the controversial Touch Bar in favor of a standard function row, which Display Supply Chain Consultants experts have confirmed.

The Touch Bar is presently the third largest use of OLED screens, according to DSCC, but its sources say that Apple will “cancel the Touch Bar” with a future MacBook Pro, according to a fresh report released this week. Over the next few years, Apple is expected to make the switch to OLED panels in its iPad portfolio. The following is taken from the report:

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Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg, among others, have said that Apple plans to eliminate the Touch Bar with the forthcoming MacBook Pro makeover, which may happen as soon as this summer. The Touch Bar, which is an OLED display that replaces traditional function keys on the MacBook Pro, was originally unveiled in 2016.

What are your thoughts on Apple's suspected plans to remove the Touch Bar from the MacBook Pro this year? For more information, see our collection of the newest MacBook Pro rumors right here.

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